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Common Queries

Do you offer delivery services?

We are able to deliver to retail customers within a 5 mile radius of Evenley for a £5 delivery (free for residents of Evenley Parish)
Please allow 48 hours
Unfortunately due to the size and nature of our business we are unable to deliver further afield at this time for retail.
Please enquire directly for wholesale delivery queries

What differentiates you from other markets?

We are a Jersey dairy farm with a farm shop. This means we can sell our unpasteurised (raw) milk as well as our pasteurised dairy.
Our butchery serves our own rose veal, and outdoor reared pork.
We source as locally as possible, keeping food miles as low as feasible.

What is raw milk?

Our raw (unpasteurised) milk is milk that has been untreated. The milk goes from cow to tank via a filter, it is chilled in our bulk tank, we then bottle the raw milk by hand straight from the tank

Do you supply wholesale?

Yes we are able to supply wholesale pasteurised milk, cream and ice-cream made from our Jersey cows.
We are also able to provide selected wholesale meats from our Butchers

What are you doing to protect vulnerable people from the Covid-19 pandemic?

The impact from the pandemic is real. Both from the disease itself and how society is changing from it. We wish to provide an environment where everyone feels safe. Some of the things we do to ease the anxiety and keep people safe by:

  Providing alcohol gel through a sensor dispenser at the entrance.

  Requesting everyone who is able to, to wear their face covering. (We have disposables if you have forgotten)

  Shop limit of 3 groups inside at any one time.

  We clean regular touch points every hour with a viricidal wipe.

 All staff wash hands prior to commencing their shift, and use alcohol gel after handling cash.

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