Picnic Hamper



Complete take away picnic hamper containing

1lb Barnowl Pork pie ( of your choice)
4 x Barnowl scotch eggs
1 x bag british mixed leaf
Cherry tomatoes
1/2 Cucumber
1 x bottle of salad dressing mellow yellow / Cherry tree ( of your choice)
1 x Large bag of Two Farmers Crisps (of your choice)
1 x cake ( of your choice)
1 x Punnet English stawberries
1 x pot Barnowl Jersey cream
4 x apple / pear / small citrus of your choice ( you can mix and match these)
1 x 750ml bottle of Kingsdown water (of your choice)
4 x biodegradable plates
4 x set wooden knife, fork, spoon
4 x disposable cups
Provided in an easy to carry cardboard picnic hamper and paper bag